Meet Neighborhood Artists, Come Curious and Leave Inspired
The next tour will be June 1 – 2 of 2019.

Artist Application

2019 Open Studios Tour Information

Opening Reception: Altadena Library, May 17th, 5 – 9pm

600 East Mariposa Steet, Altadena, CA 91001, (626) 798-0833

Open Studios Tour: Sat. June 1st 11am – 5 pm, and Sun. June 2nd Noon – 6pm

Application Deadline has passed. 

Note: Late submissions will NOT be considered.

Artist Information: 

All visual artists, 18 and over can apply to participate in this juried event. You may host the event in your own home or studio if within our Location Boundaries: All of Altadena, and the areas of Pasadena between the 210 Fwy. on the West and South, and Altadena Dr. on the East. (North is Altadena.) You don’t need to reside in the location boundaries to be eligible. We are limiting the number of artist’s locations for June’s Tour, and will no longer offer a full-scale Dec. Open Studio Tour. The volunteer labor hours and publication expense were carefully considered for this decision. By applying and being accepted into the June tour you will be eligible to participate in other 2018 Open Studios events and activities.

You may choose to show in another location on the tour with mutual consent. Open Studios will help place you if needed. We are an all-volunteer organization, and the event attracts a very engaged audience. Artists conduct their own sales, so there are no commission fees, and you choose how to best showcase your art. Some studios have live music, demonstrations, and other fun events. Open Studios was voted Altadena’s 2016 Business of the Year by the Altadena Chamber of Commerce, and is gaining recognition, improving, and growing with each event. Come join us! 

If you are planning on inviting a non-visual artist (musician, band, food entrepreneur, poet and/or spoken word) to your location on the Open Studios Tour, you must accept full responsibility upon doing so. They wouldn’t be considered a participating artist, or be insured, but can be included in promotions as part of the schedule of events.

We must receive your completed application by the due date. Extensions will not be available. Plan ahead and apply early.

Participation Benefits Include:

• Inclusion of artwork photo and your profile information on our website.

• Inclusion in our Social Media campaign.

• Media and print campaign exposure. Our print campaign includes brochures, posters, and postcards. We also advertise in the Pasadena Weekly, which has a 30,000 issue local distribution.

• Opening Reception.

• Opportunity for an “Artists Portfolio Page,” consisting of 12 images, a headshot, and bio/artist statement, for an $80.00 design fee. It will link from the regular Artist page, and be hosted for one year. Afterwards, a yearly hosting fee of $30.00 will apply to renew your page. This page is entirely optional. View Portfolio Page.

• Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts have acquired us a #1 ranking on Google search results for the past 5 tours. This has increased our artists’ exposure as well.

• Open Studios Event Signage. Lawn signs provided, and to be returned to Open Studios Tour coordinators after event. Directional signs will also be provided.

• Liability Insurance against damages caused by artwork to visitors. (It is recommended that you obtain other liability insurance on your homeowner’s policy for the event dates if you don’t have one for your business.)

Fees: Total amount for participating is $60.00, which includes:

$20.00 Non-refundable Application Fee.

$40.00 Entry Fee if selected.

• Note: If you are unable to volunteer, an additional $50.00 fee is required, for a total of $110.00. This is to cover the additional costs we may incur to hire outside help. We can’t function without volunteers, as we are funded by participation fees, and some advertising.

We have a Scholarship Program for Financial Hardship, and for Artists under age 30. Please check the box on the application if you are applying for one. You must fulfill the Volunteer Requirements to be eligible.


Attendance is required at least 2 All-Artists Meetings, or a representative may attend.

• No early closures, as tour visitors will be negatively impacted. (If an emergency forces closure, please notify the Artists Liaison, Shaney Watters, at (323) 337-7345, so visitors can be informed.)

• If you are hosting an Open Studio, limit the exhibition to your own work and the work of other Open Studio participating artists. There is a maximum of 6 artists per location, including host. We are encouraging grouping up, so that no one is left alone unless desired. If you would like another artist/artists to show at your location, they must apply by the deadline, and be approved by the jury.

• 15 Volunteer hours are required unless an additional $50 fee is paid. Meeting attendance counts toward hours. See below for more info.

• A location visit by the organizers may be required prior to approval, to ensure a safe environment for our visitors. Photos may be taken at the time for publicity, and any photos supplied by you can be used for publicity as well.


• February 28, 2018: Completed Applications Due

•March 11, 2018: Jury Selection and Notification

•March 18, 2018: Participation Agreement and full payment of the entry fee are due. NOTE: The Participation Agreement and the balance of the fees due must both be received by the date due. If the participation agreement and/or the fees due are not submitted by deadline, your application will be considered canceled and you will not be included in the June Open Studios Tour.

All-Artists Meetings: 

(Meetings will be held at Loma Alta Park, 3330 North Lincoln Ave. Altadena, CA 91001, unless otherwise notified via email prior to date.)

•March 18, 2018. 11am-1pm. *Required. Volunteer Placement Opportunities. This meeting will help you find a mutually suitable role. Plus we will finalize placing artists with locations.

• April 15, 2018. 11am-1pm. *Required.  Postcard supply distribution to artists.

May 20, 2018. 11am-1pm.  * Required. All printed materials and signage will be distributed, plus further instructions, tips, and more will be covered.

Please Follow These Tips to Prepare Before Filling Out Form:

• Have an artist statement or bio, 150 words or less, ready to copy and paste into form. This will be used by the Selection Committee in evaluating your artwork. It could be about your inspirations, your process, your technique, or arts background.

• Have your 3 artwork photos, and optional headshot or studio shot ready to upload. Follow the Photo technical specifications and naming convention below carefully before applying.

Photos: If instructions weren’t followed, your photos will need to be resubmitted.

Please submit up to 3 RECENT images that best represent your artwork/craft. (TIP: Have these ready to upload before starting application.)

• Format: High Quality JPEG. No other file formats please. Have them right side up, and of good quality. (*When compressing them, use the High Quality setting, not low or medium unless it will exceed the 2 MB limit.)

• Size: Minimum of 8” or 950 pixels, on the smallest side. The largest side can be up to 21”, or 1500 pixels. Maximum file size of 2 MB. per image. File size can be reduced, and if you need help, email for instructions.

• File name: Please name your photos BEFORE uploading. “last name-first name-number-description/title.jpg.”  Example: “Gothard-Patrick-1-Sunset.jpg” (#1 indicating preferred choice for publicity.)

Contact Information:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the following parties.

General Inquiries – Mary Gothard, Chairperson. Email:

Artist Liaison – Shaney Watters. Email:, or call (323) 337-7345 for assistance.

Volunteer Opportunities:

The intention of the volunteer program is to promote and encourage all artists to learn from each other. This is not intended to burden the artist with another duty. Come and join a committee, make new friends with like-minded artists. Share your skills at the same time you are learning from one another. Many tasks can be done at home, on your own schedule.

Attending the “all artist” meetings does qualify toward your volunteer hours.

We need help in: Administrative Assistance, Website Maintenance in WordPress, Print Graphics, Editorial, Advertising, Promotion, Fundraising, Data Entry, Project Management, Communications, Social Media, Creative Writing, Photography, Videography, Video Editing, Meeting Set-up/Breakdown, MailChimp EBlast Manager, Fact-Checking, Proofreading, Map Testing, Information Technology, Distribution, and more.