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Blandine Saint-Oyant



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Blandine Saint-Oyant

Blandine Saint-Oyant’s vibrant abstract paintings reflect her passion for the process of painting, her love of color and of the sensuality of the materials.

She was born in Lyon and grew up in Avignon, France. In 1980 she moved to the United States. She studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and later at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, where she received a BFA and diploma in painting. In 1994 she received an NEA/SAF Fellowship.

Her work has been exhibited in solo and group shows on the east coast and in the Los Angeles area. She lives and has her studio in Pasadena, California, but spends part of every year in France.

“My work explores the relationship between random play and formality, spontaneity and structure, fluidity and control, exuberance and calm. Process is important. Liquid paint is poured; the canvas is tilted and rotated; layers of paint congeal into organic formations; the colors spread, pigments interpenetrate and fuse into patterns; and solid and patterned pours juxtapose.

Over time my paintings have become increasingly intuitive and improvisational. Some of the work is also becoming more gestural. Forms and patterns are disrupted by energetic transparent strokes that reveal under-layers. In the end I see my paintings as ‘intuitive landscapes’ suggestive of nature and natural phenomena. They are about a world in a perpetual state of transformation, an unfolding elegant chaos of energies, a moving buoyant magma of colors and forms frozen into art – a painting.

I hope that the work conveys a sense of excitement and pleasure and that it evokes an open world of infinite possibilities and uncompromising freedom.”

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Alpine Reminiscence 1 - Oil on Canvas - 18"x36"
Alpine Reminiscence 2 - Oil on Canvas - 18"x36"
Alpine Reminiscence 3 - Oil on Canvas - 18"x36"
Alpine Reminiscence 4 - Oil on Canvas - 18"x36"
Earthly Delight 6 - Oil on Canvas - 20" x 16"
Earthly Delight 7 - Oil on Canvas - 20" x 16"
Earthly Delight 11 - Oil on Canvas - 20" x 16"
Earthly Delight 12 - Oil on Canvas - 20" x 16"
Ha ça ira (red) 3 - Oil on Canvas - 36"x36"
Ha ça ira (red) 4 - Oil on Canvas - 36"x36"
Ha ça ira 1 - Oil on Canvas - 56"x44"
Ha ça ira 2 - Oil on Canvas - 56"x44"