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Leah Knecht

History, gentrification, transformation, and throwaway culture are themes addressed in my work, mainly utilizing urban landscapes and signage as the structural device. Most of the settings are taken from Pasadena and surrounding cities, as I’m trying to capture the unique beauty and history of the area, although in an unconventional way.

My work can be described as a cross between representational painting and assemblage, or paintings that incorporate actual objects and ephemera. I like the tactile quality that it brings to my work, the meaning these objects imply, and the recycling aspect of using castoffs.

I construct the substrates before incorporating objects, after which the painting process begins. I do like to play with depth and illusion to draw the viewer in, and have them question what defines a painting. Sometimes this is in a large-scale format to encompass the viewer more fully.

Lately I’ve been doing some pure assemblages and sculptures as well, mostly with a social or political bent, as I feel that with all that’s going on in the world right now, it’s hard not to make a statement as an artist.

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Forbidden Fruit
Forbidden Fruit - Side
Mortal Sin
Mortal Sin - Side
Blam! - Side
Equal Justice
Equal Justice
Equal Justice Side
Equal Justice - Side
“Existential Nature” 20 x 20 x 2″
“Kid A” 12” x12” x2″
“Los Angeles” 12x12x2″
Fake News
Fake News
Fake News - Side
Heard It On The Radio
Porch Of Maidens
Innocence Lost