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I want the art that I create to make a sensory impression upon the viewer.

As I work, the art evolves, becoming a process of discovery.

Working from memory and imagination ignites my passion and purpose.
This is an exciting and challenging way to make art.
I enjoy the freedom to invent and explore.

People fascinate and inspire me. Life touches and moves me.

I paint with acrylics, sometimes applying collage, color sticks, and/or other media.
I also make detailed ink drawings.

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Linda Ternoir
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Echo Mountain, 30″h x 24″w, collage and acrylic on canvas


Nightscape, 40″h x 30″w, acrylic on canvas

My Blue Dog, 30″h x 24″w, acrylic on canvas

The Composer

The Composer

Landscape Edwin

Landscape Edwin, 24″h x 36″w, acrylic on canvas

Pullman, 24″h x 28″w, acrylic on canvas

Yellow Chair – Acrylic

Seraphim, 10.25″h x 9.5″w, acrylic on paper

My Harlem Romance

My Harlem Romance

Daughter 10″h x 7″w, Ink drawing on mat board

Kites, 15″h x 11.25″w, ink drawing on bristol

Father, 13″h x 9.25″w, ink drawing on bristol