Artist Contact Information
Luis Iturate
USA 323 574 9197
MEX 664 682 9596


I like to apply my 30 years experience as a cultural promoter and as an artist, towards integrating art as a very important factor in the development of community and create new avenues for positive cultural expression.

The objects I create; paintings, collages, sculptures, installations and the writings, along with the activities I generate; the cultural celebrations, the art events, the exhibits, the teaching, are all part of my artistic expression. Art lives in Culture, history gives us the understanding of Culture; I like to study the times I live in, and with my art, review history as a process to create a better future. I hope to fulfill my purpose as an artist when my work interacts with people, bringing our cultural, social, and individual personas across.

I was born and bred in Tijuana, Mexico. I grew up in a hybrid culture, very solid in my Mexican culture, and at the same time, very familiar with the culture of the United States. I also had a sense of distrust and acceptance of both cultures. My experiences in Mexico City (5 years), Central America (2 years) and Canada (14 years), made me review my thoughts about the concept of border, and along with my experiences in Los Angeles, California (15 years) makes me realize that a border is a state of mind that limits us, and that the future lies mostly in the acceptance of our differences.

I believe the fall of the Berlin Wall marked the beginning of a new era “sin fronteras” (without borders). In a sense, it looks like presently we are very actively revising the concept of border; especially through international trade, racial identity, labor conflicts and commercial needs, and this is forcing us to also review our attitudes about one another so we can understand true empathy the need to nourish the concept of the Global Village and find ways to get along. In this field it is very obvious that the arts have a very important role to play. I hope that with my work in this area I can open a small door to a better future.

I am the permanent artist-in-residence, 2015 to the present, at the

 F L I N T R I D G E   C E N T E R,   2 3 6   W.   M O U N T A I N   S T.

S U I T E 1 1 6 .

P A S A D E N A. C A   9 1 1 0 3

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Sculpture 1
Sculpture 5
Sculpture - Mordida
Quilt 2
Painting 7
Painting 4
Painting 3
Painting 1
Mono Print
Drawing - La Sombra del Dragon