Participating Artists – June 2018



2846 El Nido Drive Altadena, CA 91002


215 Laurel Drive Altadena, CA 91001

Metal Sculpture/Painter

“I am a green artist. I take discarded items and create Art. My art is edgy, sometimes whimsical, always thought provoking.”


Patrick Gothard-Face of God

Patrick Gothard is a self-taught artist and has been painting for most all of his life. He finds the biggest adventure in life is a blank canvas. “You can create anything you want, go wherever your mind wants to. See what no one has ever seen.” He paints with oils and acrylics on canvas or wood with personal statement and experience, portrayed by his abstract vision with bold charismatic colors. His art is unique and definite. Collectors proudly display the art, showing the work without the intention of making it blend with other surroundings.


Patrick and Mary Gothard: Artists, Organic Gardeners, and Enjoyers of life! Together for thirty-six years, our home is our studio. We invite you to experience our happy place. The journey of life has allowed us to create in many ways: garden, photography, painting, sculpting, textiles and more.

We welcome you to join us, enjoy our peaceful environment and browse through our history of creations. Take a break, sit under tree, sip a cool beverage and meet some new friends. We look forward to seeing everyone here.


Gothard Studio Guest Artist

Having always loved the look of glass, the first time I saw a piece of dichroic glass, I was hooked. The beauty of it and watching it go molten in the kiln was truly thrilling. Hold it one way in the light and it takes on one color, turn it so the light hits it in a different way and it takes on another look. Each piece is one of a kind, unique.


Gothard Studio Guest Artist

For the last 40 years she has been mother, caregiver, chief cook and bottle washer. She has been breadwinner, gardener, contractor and recycle collector to make ends meet. She has currently made changes in her life that allow her to regain her strength as an artist and creator. Her current theme is Recycle, Reuse. Come by and see her latest rescue.

New/Digital Media

Gothard Studio Guest Artist

Born in a realm of extreme frost in 1984 on the 13th day of November and was raised in the land of the raging sun to emerge a creature of fluidity in a world of static thinkers. With an imagination that reaches beyond conventional boundaries, he has walked many paths of life, but each path always brought him to a similar destination. He was always good with words and so the destination he kept finding himself was telling a story to anyone who would take the time to listen. His tongue had become worth its weight in silver and as sharp as a double edge sword. Now he has brought his gift of gab to the masses with in his books. He has come to entertain and hopefully educate the future generation.

Glass Artist

Gothard Studio Guest Artist

Beautiful glass fused in a kiln. My designs are influenced by nature and my own imagination. I use cathedrale and opaque glass with dichroic glass for affect. I love what I create. My biggest influence in the beginning of this Glass adventure has been my Mom Judith Cook a glass artist, my work-shop teacher Jane Tickey Williams, and Studio C in Claremont Elizabeth Carr, owner. Come visit me at the Gothard Studio in Altadena. And anytime at Studio C in Claremont CA. Can’t wait to meet new people who enjoy creative artists.

Industrial Photographer

Gothard Studio Guest Artist

My work explores the interaction and processes of labor, machines, science, industry and nature. The majority of this exploration occurs in infrared. Just as my own mind works, infrared light “sees” the world with a light that is unseen but not unnoticeable. Will be taking infrared portraits throughout the event.




La General Store Design Studio

Let LA General Store make your ideas come to life. Our motto is “If you can dream it, we can make it.” We create custom designs from bridal and sportswear to evening. We do design, draping and construction. We make Home Decor items and a line of knitwear. We also can do samples and “first ofs” for the clothing industry. Stop by and visit us!


3085 Glenrose Altadena, CA 91001

Mixed Media

Local Altadena resident, artist and prominent citizen. She started painting in the 1990’s and received instruction from Margo Lennartz, Chris Cozena and Robert Berdges. They supplied her with the information and experience to try new ideas and techniques. She has dabbled with silk painting, oils and acrylics and is currently showing mixed media using paper, paint, and other materials. She has followed and supported Open Studios from the beginning and decided to participate in December of 2017. She is owner and designer of Regal Rosettes Awards, which makes Handmade Custom Designed Rosettes.

Random Media Artist

Debijl Studio Guest Artist

My artwork is fun and interesting. Because it is somewhat random there is something for almost everyone. If you like story time, I can tell a story for every composition.


333 Marathon Rd. Altadena, CA 91001

Deb Halberstadt

Photographs and videos bring focus to the world’s dreams. We will have live music by Duane Thorin and Friends, Saturday and Sunday.

Mixed Media

Halfcity Productions Guest Artist

My work is an archive of contemporary life and an ode to transformation. With consumerism and the information age, we are enticed and inundated by visual stimuli. It’s hard to know where to direct our attention and take time for thought-ful observation. Because I cannot look away from what surrounds me, I reclaim and reorganize it, creating a world I want to live in. I received a degree in studio art from Yale University and studied at the Art Students’ League and the New York Studio School of Drawing Painting & Sculpture. My work has been exhibited in museums and galleries across the country. My studio is near Chinatown in Los Angeles, CA.


Halfcity Productions Guest Artist

I start each project with one thing that sparks my imagination and build on the initial spark. An unusual piece of vintage jewelry, a shoe box filled with stamps, even a broken toy can evolve into a work of art.
Taking found objects and turning them into something that tells a story.


Halfcity Productions Guest Artist

Using flowers, insects, artifacts, jewelry, and fascinating finds, I create “digital still life.” Often the result is an Old Masters look–made with modern technology. By using a desktop scanner, I capture extreme “ultra-high def” images that explode with color and vibrancy. While some are more minimalist, it’s often a game of “Where’s Waldo,” in trying to find all the elements in the image.


4545 Rising Hill RD. Altadena, CA 91001


We are all buried treasure. My works draw from the history of art: the flowing shapes of Art Nouveau, the embellishments of the Victorians and the line quality of Klimt and Schiele. These sculptures are conceived with a commitment to social justice and are inspired by the spirit of scientific discovery. They are meant to encourage conversation and to inspire radical rethinking of the meanings of disability and adaptive aids.


2363 Lincoln Ave. Altadena, CA 91001


Brian Joseph is a fine art photographer. His photos talk about identity (how we want to be seen and how we see ourselves, superstition (what do we believe) and memory. Using film and wet collodion – a nineteenth century technique – Brian make portraits
that tell stories.


Joseph Studio Guest Artist

I have been sculpting for over 35 years. My experience ranges across a wide variety of media, scale, and application: from micro-miniature collectibles sculpted in jeweler’s wax, mid-sized bas-relief portraits, awards, and figurines in oil clay, all the way up to full-scale horses and dinosaurs in water-based clay or carving foam. My work has been produced in resin, plastic, bronze and porcelain. I have spent many years working commercially for various toy companies and producing collectible figurines for Disney. My primary focus now is with my own fine-art bas-relief work and figurative sculptures. My goal is to express the power of relationships and connections between people, as well as examine individual personalities and emotion.


357 E. Altadena Dr. Altadena, CA 91001


Two Cat Studio is located in a 100+ year old barn which has been converted to studio space behind the artist’s historic 1906 Craftsman bungalow home. The space is also home to Clio and Calliope who are the muses for Two Cat Studio and is shared by Vitale Vineyards, a micro-winery operated by her husband, architect James Vitale. Dale has shown and sold her work at several local community art shows and fairs, and won several awards for her work. A retired attorney, she practiced various aspects of civil litigation for 20 years
in the Pasadena area. Dale is a past Trustee for the Altadena Library District, past Board Chair of the Altadena Library Foundation and founding member of Art On Millionaire’s Row.

Paintings/Ink Drawings

LaCasella Studio Guest Artist

As I work, the art evolves, becoming a process of discovery. Working from memory and imagination ignites my passion and purpose. This is an exciting and challenging way to make art. I enjoy the freedom to invent and explore. People fascinate and inspire me. Life touches and moves me. I paint with acrylics, sometimes applying collage, color sticks, and/or other media. I also make detailed ink drawings.


3281 Fair Oaks Ave. Altadena, CA 91001


This will be my third season exhibiting with Open Studios. My studio is chock full of art, toys and folk art that I have collected on my travels. My work is colorful and whimsical with mythological undertones.

Mixed Media

Romero Studio Guest Artist

Beth Spiegel is a painter that works in watercolor and the computer. She focuses on illustrating books for children but also loves to paint outdoors. She’s lived in Altadena for 20 years

Mixed Media

Romero Studio Guest Artist

I am interested in creating a poetic narrative through the combination of mixed media collage with representational drawing, painting, and found objects. This exploration began with the making of hand sewn fabric sculptures in combination with found objects. It has evolved into mixed media paper collage with the inclusion of drawings. My working process begins with an intense study of the composition. I enlarge or reduce the work by adding or subtracting different elements, and after countless permutations, the composition slowly emerges. My drawings are informed by a life long study of classical forms, Italian Renaissance art and the observation of nature. The drawings are situated within an atmosphere created by the larger surrounding assemblage. The physical quality of the found objects, their implied history, and their abstract forms encourage visual exploration and discovery.



1051 E. Altadena Dr. Altadena, CA 91001


My artistic journey is to render these subjects through four mediums: firstly printmaking, but also through ceramic sculp-ture, painting and iconography. My process uses repetitive vocabulary to capture mercuri-al, ephemeral, musical and/or percussive interchanges (seen, unseen and felt) and shape them into visual forms. If we can view the unseen, perhaps we can improve or appreciate it more.


Beckett Studio Guest Artist

Growing up in Los Angeles, I discovered my passion for photography at a young age. I have had the privilege to travel extensively, giving me great opportunity to shoot a wide variety of subject matter. I have had the honor of winning the “See The Bigger Picture” National Geographic international photography competition.


Beckett Studio Guest Artist

My artwork is focused on the tiny things in the natural world that we are systematically taught to ignore as we grow up. I hope that my artwork helps people to disconnect from artificial, man-made reality, reconnect to their humanity and reconnect to that special, magical world that we left behind. It is still there, waiting for us, if we slow down and look very closely.


Beckett Studio Guest Artist

Trevor Bryant’s career began with Walt Disney Imagineering. Over his career, Trevor held executive roles creating and constructing EPCOT Center, Pleasure Island, Disney-MGM Studio Tour, Euro-Disneyland, Disney World, Florida, Sony, Disney-Shanghai, China. Trevor has always follows his heart with art and design. The figurative paintings represent a period of pastel work
and drawing mostly done in a studio at Disney Glendale, Ca.


714 E. Palm St. Altadena, CA 91001

Mixed Media

My projects explore the psychological
and physical manifestations of one’s personal connection to place, and the often-humorous intersections of science and daily life. I use beauty, an element of slight unease, and often a spark of humor to trans-late my thoughts and feelings into my photo-graphs and mixed media works. I begin each piece with a general idea I want to explore, and develop it fully by intuitively responding to the materials that inspire me — my own photographs, paper ephemera, fabric, watercolor, and pen — while
arranging, and rearranging, adding, and removing, until I’m guided to the final piece. My work has been exhibited in the US and China, and is held in private, and public collections, the China Lishui Museum of Pho-tography, Lishui, China, and 4 Culture Public Art Harborview Medical Center, Seattle, WA.


946 Dolores Dr. Altadena, CA. 91001


“My ceramic designs share an array of eclectic discoveries in clay. I enjoy creating both functional and decorative whimsical ceramic art and often strive to join one, in the same. The limitless inspirations I receive while working with clay come to me as I collaborate with the medium to extract the many expressions waiting to be shared.” I marvel at the process of “Turning Mud Into Meaning”™ each time I create a work of ceramic art.



303 Flower St. Pasadena, CA 91104

Suspended Assemblage/Mixed Media Artist

Trevor Bryant’s career began with Walt Disney Imagineering. Over his career, Trevor held executive roles creating and constructing EPCOT Center, Pleasure Island, Disney-MGM Studio Tour, Euro-Disneyland, Disney World, Florida, Sony, Disney-Shanghai, China. Trevor has always follows his heart with art and design. The figurative paintings represent a period of pastel work
and drawing mostly done in a studio at Disney Glendale, Ca.


Tolkin Studio Guest Artist
International Artist

My desire is that my work will tell a story, inspire conversation and evoke emotion. I combine the simplicity and beauty of the colors and textures for my surfaces. I assemble each piece with tarnished, rusted, broken and overall re-purposed hardware, wire and glass. Suki resides in Los Angeles today, in a small hilltop cottage filled almost to the rim with fur baby’s that have all been rescued, and now live the life of Riley. Her hobbies include foraging, which is code for scouring thrift shops for treasure, spoiling her freeloading pets, spending time with friends, and adding to her collection of rusty things.


Tolkin Studio Guest Artist

So much leatherwork is manufactured, I chose traditional hands-on approach to fabricate more individualized functional pieces. This approach allows me to experiment, especially with organic shapes. When working with leather, being handcrafted produces a unique quality, not only because of the tactile nature of the medium: leather
is responsive to the touch. My leatherwork is original in design and each piece is hand-cut, dyed, finished and hand stitched. The leather is carefully selected and hand oiled to ensure the durability of the finish.


Tolkin Studio Guest Artist

I genuinely create art to increase smiles in the world. Currently, I use vinyl and oil paint, graphite, metal leaf, and resin. Creating visual narratives that examine relationships, depict joy, and find beauty where it might otherwise be overlooked. Often my work expresses the simplicity and vulnerability of animals in real and fantastical ways. Their stories unfold through the image as well as their elaborate titles.


1841 Santa Rosa Ave. Pasadena, CA 91104


My art invokes Hindu mythology, both as an homage to and subversion of accepted forms of gods and goddesses. I am drawn to vibrant colors and bold imagery with a folk-art style. My primary medium is acrylic on canvas but I am also a prolific crafter and sell my handmade crafts at local farmers markets. My crafts include resin pendants and blank note cards made from images of my paintings, beaded necklaces and earrings, pyrography (wood burning) on serving trays and wooden spoons, painted trays, hand-painted “upcycled” T-shirts, crocheted hats and scarves, hand-stamped napkins with wooden carved stamps, hand-made all-natural soaps, papier mache, tile mosaic, and baked goods such as breads, cakes, and cookies (food art!).

Other/Book Binding

Kolhatkar Studio Artist

Books are magical, holding the knowledge of ages past as well as recording our innermost thoughts. Using my own handmade book press, I create original journals that turn plain and decorative paper, leather, fabric, thread, and ribbon into unique and functional works of art. My books range in styles from steam-punk to folk art and every step of the process is done by hand, from sculpting three-dimensional cover features from clay, to sewing together signatures, pasting the leather or fabric covers, and installing metal buckles and latches. I use my own hand-made book press, loom, and work table to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces. I have made custom ordered books as graduation and birthday presents, sketchbooks for artists and even song-books for well-known musicians. When I’m not making hand-crafted books, I am a staff scientist Caltech. I am a proud comic book geek, Dungeon Master, Sci-Fi connoisseur, and self-taught rock guitarist.


Kolhatkar Studio Guest Artist

I am a freelance writer and graphic designer, but my heart belongs to writing fiction, making hats, and other creative activities (including cooking). I have self-published two books, but I have never exhibited any of my art or crafts, other than through my social media and website. I have a growing collection of unusual pieces that I would like to share and would love to take my hat-making skills to the next level by sharing them through Open Studios Tours.


Kolhatkar Studio Guest Artist

Brian Biery is a documentary photographer who strives to capture the complexities, contradictions and beauty of life through his camera lens. His world view has been shaped by living in Guatemala as a Peace Corps Volunteer and by working in community organizing projects in the city of Pasadena. His work has been shown in numerous exhibits including the Pasadena Chalk Festival at the Pasadena Museum of History, Dancers of the Lineage Performing Arts Center, and Eaton Canyon Nature Center. In addition, his photos have been published in various magazines including Orion, Z Magazine, Eco Traveler, American Cattleman, and the Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine. Brian was the photographer for the book Power of One written by Traude Gomez.


Kolhatkar Studio Guest Artist

Ginko is a ceramics artist based in Pasadena, California. She works out of the Xiem Clay Center. Ginko is the founder of the Crunchy Crafters MeetUp that offers creative classes by various professionals to the public ranging from painting to wool felting, tile making to rubberstamp creating. ( Ginko co-found the Open Studios Alta-Pasa-Dena ( a free semi-annual art tour for neighbors. Outside her art times, Ginko is active in local environmental movement as part of Transition Pasadena. She is a core organizer and event planner for Repair Cafe Pasadena, which received the Green City Award, Pasadena in 2013.



2174 Midlothian Dr. Altadena, Ca 91001


Chantal was born and educated in France. She has studied art in Bordeaux, London, Hong Kong and Los Angeles, notably under the renown artist Douglas Bond. Studies of women, and the symbols of their emotions and dreams are a prominent feature of her work. Her love of Asian design, combined with a passion for myth and fairy tales are evident in her paintings. Chantal uses mixed media, but predominately acrylic. She works out of her studio in Altadena.


Giddens Studio Guest Artist

Paul Martinez was born and raised in the foothill of the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California. He received his early education in drafting and art and began working part-time at the Judson Studios, a Southern California institution with a 100-year history of providing fine stained glass windows. This part-time job evolved into a career in working with stained glass.

He started his own business “Stained Glass Art” in 1983. While working on bending glass for lamps, he began experimenting with fusing glass together. With an interest in the contemporary expression of glass, Paul went on to take classes in glass fusing, witch gave him a chance to combine his technical abilities with his eye for color and design, each piece receives his careful oversight to insure that the piece is both beautiful to behold and functional of glassware that the owner will enjoy using for years. Or proudly present as a very special and unique gift.


Giddens Studio Guest Artist

Drawing inspiration from the shimmering lights and shadows of water, I use metals like rose gold and sterling silver in my jewelry. I’m inspired by the warm blues of the Pacific, the heat waves of searing California summers, and the playfulness of surf culture. I easily mix the luxury of pearls with sturdy leather to create a unique collection of California glamour.


1355 Atchison St. Pasadena, CA 91104


I am a self-taught artist. I paint anything that tickles my fancy. I also draw Day of the Dead caricatures that I have printed into vinyl stickers.

Mixed Media

Calaca Joy Studio Guest Artist

Through immersion in silent observation, the ability to embrace the movement of ever changing landscapes, elements, and Natural Law is gifted again, allowing these experiences to inspire expressions of fluid forms and capture the essence of what drives us in life.


Calaca Joy Studio Guest Artist

I love color and I’m not afraid to use it! I find inspiration everywhere I am stimulated mostly by the beauty in nature. I am always in awe by the aesthetics of the planet and I try and capture that for a moment. A lot of my art comes from within. I paint from my feelings and see what happens.


Calaca Joy Studio Guest Artist

My process of creativity begins with the play of colors on the canvas to the sounds of beautiful and inspiring music. This process enables me
to develop a rhythm that allows me to play with colors freely, and abstractly. In this space, I can turn inward, step aside and allow the muse to freely flow through.

Mixed Media

Calaca Joy Studio Guest Artist

Nature, travel, and emotion are my inspiration. I usually work on several bodies of work concurrently. I vacillate between different formals – watercolor, acrylic, pastel, texture, found items, often mixing these on paper or canvas. I like to see what emerges. I might start out in one direction and end up with something completely different.
“The world is but a canvas to our imagination” – Henry David Thoreau


1747 Oakwood St. Pasadena, CA 91104


My art, my vision and my stories are told through the use of representational imag-ery as symbols conveying a psychological state. For instance, doors symbolize shift-ing states of consciousness, and stormy clouds signify impending doom. Color heightens drama, and figures often repre-sent the narrator. Working in this manner, I can fully express the ideas and feelings I have as a response to the world around me.
I am surrounded by inspiration: a book, a mood, a building, or a concept, these set the stage for my paintings. I choose imag-ery that best conveys my story. The land-scape, figures, and lighting are carefully selected to carry forth my idea. Oil paint is my chosen medium. It is my connection to art history, such as the Renaissance painters whom I have always admired. The colors are preferable as they are often pigments extracted from nature.


1716 Morada Place. Altadena, CA 91001

Aerial Photographer/Digital Artist

I take photos from an airplane. My images capture what the birds see with vibrant detail. I’ve been taking aerial photographs since 2001, along with my pilot husband. Together, we share a truly unique perspective of our planet.



1170 N. Catalina Ave. Pasadena, CA 91104


I was trained in the US and have been living and working in Pasadena for many years. I am a contemporary abstract painter and a colorist who works with poured paint. My work explores the relationship between fluidity and control, spontaneity and structure, calmness and exuberance. My process employs liquid oil paint poured against a shaded background that allows the different pigments to intermingle and fuse into visually striking patterns. After many years of painting practice, my process is largely improvisational. My aim is to create a space in which contrasting visual elements are interwoven into a fluid composition. I see these paintings as  “intuitive landscapes”, many of which suggest fictional natural phenomena.

Mixed Media

Saint-Oyant Studio Guest Artist

My artwork references the passage of time, both in the choice of subjects and media. My works are inspired by the observation of nature—suspended moments of blossoming, pollinating flowers, mountains amidst sweeping and volatile skies. The dissolution and the coalescence of these subjects are enhanced by my choice of media. Whether in the form of dusty pastels, flowing
water material, or printing processes, my preferred media are mutable and can change in an instant to parallel the flux of nature. The intermingling of earth, water, and air is my source of inspiration. This is a world where boundaries erode, incongruent analogies are drawn, and malleable materials reflect the continuous unfolding of natural processes.


1465 E. Mountain St. Pasadena, CA 91104


SAVIO is a Contemporary Latin American artist. SAVIO specializes in depicting forms in movement through vibrant colors. SAVIO started exhibiting her art at UCLA and USC. She inaugurated the Argentine Consulate in LA, receiving special recognition. She created the artwork for the LA Tango Festival held at Paramount Studios in Hollywood and L.A. County Dept. of Arts & Recreation’s poster for “Tango Magic!” at the Hollywood Bowl.


611 Prescott St. Pasadena, CA 91104


I began painting five years ago because of an illness that caused pain in my hands. I went to the teacher of my small daughter’s art class in Topanga and asked her if I might use the kid’s large brown paper and tempera paints and paint with my hands. She was a good sport and let me use her studio when there were no classes. I am from a family of artists and always found their incredible talents intimidating. I can paint without a brush, because it is in no way precious. I had a book of poetry published shortly before I began to paint called, Searching For Cecy: Reflections on Alzheimer’s. In it, I paired my poetry with art from family members. This was a very healing process as well. My paintings were most recently at the Alice-Rice Gallery in Laguna Beach.


1174 N. Hudson Ave. Altadena, CA 91104


Pepi Feinblatt creates mosaics from found, salvaged and donated items. Her back yard mural, surrounding the patio, is her major creation, and the reason she began doing mosaics. The natural world inspires this mural. After retiring as a paralegal, she took a day-long mosaic class. Started in October 2008, a 12’ by 7’ wall was completed in February 2011. The 19’ by 4 ½’ south wall, which includes a water feature, was completed in 2017. She decorates frames and pots, often per customer specs. Recent works include belt buckles and some jewelry (pendants). Mosaic materials include tile, pottery and ceramic, glass (tumbled, fused & melted), stones, beads, metal, jewelry, buttons and other “stuff” found, donated or purchased at yard sales or thrift stores. Pots are new or lightly used and frames are purchased at yard sales and thrift stores.


Feinblatt Studio Artist

Joe Feinblatt has long experience working with wood and has been turning since 2004. He studied with master-turner David Ellsworth in 2005, and has exhibited his turnings since 2007.
Joe salvages wood from damaged and dying urban forest trees, and turns and carves it into bowls and other vessels: frequently adding patinated spun metal, glass, gold leaf and other colorful materials to his works.
Joe turned his creative attention to wood after devoting many years to
fine art photography and supervising conservation representatives for the L.A. Department of Water and Power.
A native Californian, Joe has degrees from Reed College in Chemistry, and UCLA in Folklore and Mythology. At Reed, he learned about the arts and crafts movement while studying calligraphy with renowned teacher Lloyd Reynolds. As a folklore student, he learned about and was inspired by traditional chair making.


1000 North Oakland Ave. Pasadena, Ca 91104


My inspiration comes primarily from the materials I use. I have an appreciation for the craftsmanship of handmade things, a love for the patina of use that comes from a lifetime of being handled and used, repaired and repainted. There is the hint of a story in things that have been here a while, and I like to present those things in ways that catch a person’s eye and make them think and/or smile.


Lovejoy Studio Guest Artist

Upon leaving the corporate world after decades, I started my art company “Tarnished Scorpio”. I continue to venture the trails of art anarchy through my spiritually charged adornments. My inspiration comes from ancient cultures, mythology and erotica. I consider myself a “Native Californian” even though I was born in Boston. I have attended art programs at the Pasadena Art Museum formerly the Grace Nicholson home and now USC’s Pacific Asian Museum and Temple City High School, Pasadena City College and the Metal Smith Shop at Monrovia Adult School.


Lovejoy Studio Guest Artist

I am a maker of things. Be it assemblage art, beautifully hand braided jewels and gems as necklaces and bracelets and paintings. I use all things, found, made and purchased. I get an idea or concept. Then gather and create what ever it may be. I take things that on their own don’t seem like much or anything and turn them into beautiful art pieces and share and sell them to everyone, from every walk of life. My stuff is timeless and ageless.


1208 N. Oxford Ave. Pasadena, Ca 91104


My work can be described as a cross between representational painting and assemblage, or paintings that incorporate actual objects and ephemera, and often resin is utilized to preserve and add dimension. I like the tactile quality that real objects bring to my work, and the meaning of these objects compliment the painted surfaces. History, transformation, and throwaway culture are some of the themes addressed. There is interplay between depth and illusion to draw the viewer in, and have them question what defines a painting. Sometimes this is in a large-scale format to encompass the viewer more fully. Lately I’ve started making pure assemblages, in addition to the combination painting/assemblages.
I love to preserve bits of history, and strive to show the beauty of the craftsmanship, and the design sensibilities of these old objects. I also do the occasional sculpture, in plaster, wood, and found objects.

Mixed Media

Knecht Studio Guest Artist

The majority of my pieces are collages or assemblages utilizing found objects, and my own drawings, paintings, photography or ceramics—disassembled then repurposed. The use of fragments and recycled materials is common throughout my production. Also a narrative element, usually indirect, is consistently present. I like to compose each piece around a core question approached from many different angles—wishing for the viewers to feel curious, intrigued, also free to draw their own conclusion. This translates in a love for layers and texture. Usually my pieces grow slowly, by superimposing and erasure. Among my favorite themes are maps and displacement, origins and family ties, nature and relationships.