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Paul Martinez


Artist Contact Information
Paul Martinez
(626) 590-1007

Kiln-fired glass is made by placing pieces of glass in a Kiln and heating them to a high enough temperature to achieve the desired outcome. At lower temperatures the glass can be “slumped” in to a mold to change the shape. At higher temperatures the glass will “melt” and flow together.
Initially the glass is cut and arranged in the desired pattern, then heated and fused together in a kiln. This fused piece is cut and polished. Then it is returned to the kiln, heated again and “slumped” into the desired shape.

Paul Martinez was born and raised in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California. He received his early education in drafting and art and began working part-time at the Judson Studios, a Southern California institution with a 100 year history of providing fine stained glass windows. This part-time job evolved into a career working with stained glass.
He stared his own business “Stained Glass Art” in 1983. While working on bending glass for lamps, he began experimenting with fusing glass together. With an interest in the contemporary expression of glass, Paul went on to take classes in glass fusing, which gave him a chance to combine his technical abilities with his eye for color and design. Each piece receives his careful oversight to insure that the piece is both beautiful to behold and a functional piece of glassware that the owner will enjoy using for years or proudly present as a very special and unique gift.

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